Hanging Hives Hanging Hives

They can be customized in 12 colors: single-or two-color (structure + dividers). The... 

Corner bridging unit Corner bridging unit

Each corner is accessible and becomes a storage unit. Dual sliding system for beds.... 

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Composizione 958 Composizione 958

A top to frame the bookcase. The desk has found its position. In this geometrical... 

Composizione 963 Composizione 963

One bed available in two different versions. This bed is extremely versatile. Full... 

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Linea Quadrifolio Linea Quadrifolio

The Quadrifoglio line is made entirely of lacquered beechwood with coloured MDF panels in shades of meadows, flowers and the sun. Each piece of furniture stands out for its assured safeness, and the convenience of the cotbed transformation is unmistakeable. With a simple movement, the cot becomes a bed.  The cotbed is designed to change shape and lengthen... [Read more of this review]

Diamond 1 Diamond 1

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Everything in one wall. Everything in one wall.

In just a few square metres there is sleeping space for 3, with plenty more space for practical spacious wardrobes and useful fun accessories. The sliding high sleeper bed with three beds has a depth of just 90cm. A great start to designing a space-saving bedroom. The Quick wardrobe is available with side panels in all melamine or lacquered colours,... [Read more of this review]

Fabric wall panel Fabric wall panel

A soft fabric items door to hang above the table with comfortable “pockets” to include everything you need to change the baby.  Read More →

Giffy Giffy

In white or natural in the Karelia, with the drawers on dell’arancione or tones of blue, custom Giffy harmony and smiling as his mascot, a giraffe that nice check here and there. All beds and baby cots are equipped with 4 wheels antitraccia of which 2 with brake – The cradle set is full of Textiles: mattress, piumotto, bumpers and mosquito... [Read more of this review]

Bridge units compositions Bridge units compositions

There is space for two with a bridging unit An additional bed appears…There are two beds and four drawers so that everything can be perfectly put into place. Plenty of space with a wardrobe with depth 90 cm. Knob available in a variety of finishes, it easily matches all bedrooms: in wood, coloured rubber or aluminium. Wardrobe: depth 90 cm.  Read More →

A more feminine setting A more feminine setting

A more feminine setting for the colour, but also for those particular features, like the Buttonshaped handles, which make the furnishing more fancy and suited to the taste of a young girl. A lacquered and coordinated bookcase. An equipped wall panel for playing and studying The bookcase modules are a useful and colourful way of equipping the wall by... [Read more of this review]

A study corner as deep as the steps A study corner as deep as the steps

A study corner as deep as the steps. A bedroom for a child who needs a cot, with a changing unit tucked away under the high sleeper bed. The same bedroom for when play is the main activity, under the high sleeper bed equipped with cushions and deep drawers. Once again, the same bedroom can be used for studying when the child has grown, and is old enough... [Read more of this review]

A bedroom with all accessories A bedroom with all accessories

A bedroom with all accessories in a limited space. Magic? It certainly appears to be. Instead, Abracadabra is a system that uses variety to add extra useful spaces. Wardrobe D. 90cm. It opens at night and closes during the day. The Abracadabra system has been designed to provide this bedroom for 2 with space-saving solutions, maximum functionality and... [Read more of this review]

The boiserie is colour The boiserie is colour

The boiserie is colour, atmosphere, furnishing, but also tracks where the bed and the desk can slide to the most practical place for the night and for the day. A bedroom on castors…for playing or studying Giotto is a bed that’s full of fantasy. Every evening, the ritual of the story, and then…up into the castle. The ladder surprises... [Read more of this review]

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